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Elizabeth Kemper, PT, MPT, WCS, PRPC

PH: 404-606-2730

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Kemper Pelvic Physio is located in Advanced Wellness:

1549 Clairmont Road, Suite 105
Decatur, GA 30033

I cannot thank you enough…

…for all the work you’ve done with me. I am thrilled with how much I can functionally do; I never imagined this kind of improvement and I feel that you truly gave me the tools and treatment that made all the difference. Thank you so much.

Former Patient

Beth…stands out as a leader…

…in treating pelvic floor muscle dysfunction…I trust her diagnostic skills and her therapy recommendations.

Obstetrical/Gynecologic Physician (specializing in vulvodynia)

Excellent customer service and skillful therapy that takes into account my unique goals.

PT Client

Beth was incredible…

Smart, efficient, easy to talk to & she made an emotionally fraught situation so much more comfortable.

PT Client

Beth has been my rock.

She would address questions I asked, and did not need to be reminded the details of my diagnosis or details of my struggle. She is approachable and I feel she genuinely cares.

Former Client

Beth was knowledgable, friendly, and a great listener!

PT Client