Tackle male pelvic issues.

Get strong and regain control of all-things-private.

Men have pelvic issues too! We treat everyone with a pelvis at KPP and have trained to do so effectively. While there are a lot of similarities in the actual pelvic structures, specialized training and care is needed when treating male conditions. We help men address a range of pelvic-related problems including: 

  • Pelvic pain – penile, scrotal, rectal, groin
  • Urinary hesitancy, frequency, urgency, even leakage
  • Constipation or bowel urgency, frequency
  • Peri-surgical – prostatectomy, hernia repair, anal/rectal procedures
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hip, low back, tailbone, abdominal pain.

It is hard enough to find good information and help about pelvic health, much less finding some that is specific to men. Navigating pink-hued websites and “women-only” messaging can be frustrating. At KPP, approximately 40% of our clients are men. 

In addition to treating male pelvic pain and other issues, we have a specific program in place for treatment before and after prostatectomy. Here’s what to expect from Prehab for Prostatectomy:

  1. Information – education on the musculo-skeletal components of surgery and recovery
  2. Action plan – what to do before and immediately after surgery
  3. Preparation – suggested supplies, strategies and planning for full and rapid recovery.

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