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Do I need to see a ‘specialist’ PT?

You’re hurting and you’ve heard that PT can help. A doctor, friend, co-worker, chiropractor, etc may have recommended you see one. OK – now it’s time to choose. Who should you see? Let’s face it – there are literally thousands of physical therapists. In the US, you have about a quarter-million therapists to choose from, although only a small percentage of those are fully trained in pelvic care. How will you know you’ve got the right one?

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Why does it burn “down there”?

A ring of fire. That’s what it can feel like.

You have pain with inserting a tampon. You’ve always dreaded pelvic exams because they hurt. Every time you try to have sex it burns and stings. Sound familiar? Pain with sex may be due to a lot of reasons – one of those may be vulvodynia.

A bit of history – pain with sex has always been an issue, but the cause has not always been well-known.

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What is Pelvic Physical Therapy?


What is “Pelvic rehab” anyway? Basically we help the pelvis work right. It may be defined generally as physical therapy to restore the pelvic region to a more functional and/or less painful state. Pelvic rehab treats anything from pain to leakage to lack of coordination. Treatment of bladder, genital, abdominal, pelvic girdle and bowel dysfunction with physical therapy is well-studied and proven effective (especially incontinence, prolapse, urgency and frequency). It is thrilling to know we can regain control over our bodies,

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Backed Up and Bloated…How Does PT Relieve Constipation?


As much as we would like to avoid the topic, poop happens. Or in many uncomfortable cases, it doesn’t. According to the statistics, approximately 20% of adults between 40-75 have constipation. And those numbers are just the base level, run-of-the-mill, stopped-up versions. The actual numbers increase significantly with additional factors:

  • Older > Younger
  • Female > Male
  • Psychologic factors – stress or anxiety
  • Medication-induced.


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