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Do I need to see a ‘specialist’ PT?

You’re hurting and you’ve heard that PT can help. A doctor, friend, co-worker, chiropractor, etc may have recommended you see one. OK – now it’s time to choose. Who should you see? Let’s face it –


Why does it burn “down there”?

A ring of fire. That’s what it can feel like.

You have pain with inserting a tampon. You’ve always dreaded pelvic exams because they hurt. Every time you try to have sex it burns and stings.


What is Pelvic Physical Therapy?


What is “Pelvic rehab” anyway? Basically we help the pelvis work right. It may be defined generally as physical therapy to restore the pelvic region to a more functional and/or less painful state.


Urgency, Frequency & Hesitancy in Urination

Why do I pee all the time? Why does almost nothing come out when I go?

Urgency, frequency and hesitancy – these are some of the biggest issues that may be separate from or in addition to leakage. Although they may seem to be contradictory,


How can I stop urgency, frequency and leakage?

Physical therapy can help to reduce urinary urgency, frequency and leakage.

What should you expect at your initial PT evaluation? It will include a thorough history followed by an orthopedic and pelvic examination that determine what factors may be driving your particular issue.


Do I Have Incontinence? (UI)

Urinary Leakage, Urgency and Frequency – A Physical Therapy Perspective

Some feel that if urinary leakage is infrequent or only happens a few drops at a time, then it’s not considered incontinence. In fact,