What is an Online Consult…aka Telehealth?

(And especially….PELVIC online consult??)

  • Too busy?
  • Can’t get away from work?
  • Busy with dropping off or picking up the kids?

** NOTE: Due to the current Coronovirus / COVID19 status, telehealth sessions are highly recommended. **

Pelvi-telehealth (see what I did there?) provides convenience. It gives you access to physical therapy care without ever having to leave your home – on your schedule, when and where you are ready. Sometimes in-person sessions are needed, but sometimes they are not!

It’s simple, it’s secure and it’s convenient! All online visits are HIPAA compliant and require NO downloads.

Consult calls answer some questions –

  • Is this the right move for me?
  • Do I really need pelvic physical therapy?
  • My symptoms are a little more complicated, do I need to go somewhere else first?
  • What can I do NOW?

Online consults (aka Telehealth) use video to review your history, evaluate your condition and yes, even provide treatment. There are a lot of reasons why a video chat might be right for you. It can help you define the problem, find out where / who may be the best resource (hint: it may or may not be a physical therapist), put you at ease, and answer questions specific to your situation

Quick Check-In
FREE 5 minute phone call.
Online Consultation
Up to 25 Minute online/video session
In Person
Varies based on time
Prefer face to face? Schedule an in person session with Beth.

Sounds good…but which option is right for me?

Here’s the difference – 

Free 5-Minute Call – Have a quick question? Not sure if you need PT? This is the best option to start! 

Online (up to) 25-Minute Consult – Ready to test the waters a bit? Want to see or talk to someone who might ‘get it’? This is a phone or video consult to go over your individual, specific concerns. This is similar to what you would expect at a clinical / in-person visit, just in the comfort of your own home! It helps you decide if pelvic physical therapy is the best option:

  • Do I need an in-person visit?
  • Do I need to be looking elsewhere?
  • Can I address these issues on my own?
  • I just want to check if I’m doing this correctly!?! 

This format can include any combination of the following:

  • History review – in-depth or quick question/review, depending on your needs
  • Discussion of your current concerns
  • Physical Assessment, including movement and systems analysis
  • Education regarding your concerns and current treatment options
  • Establish your treatment plan – something to get started NOW
  • Additional information and handouts emailed directly to you
  • Referral sources, should those be needed
Please note: Online physical therapy consults are available for people located in GA and NC (by state law). If you are located out of those states, we can still meet virtually, but the information will be wellness-based versus physical therapy treatment.


Need a little more? If you would like to go a little deeper into history, evaluation and treatment, then we can add another session right then (time permitting) or schedule a follow-up visit.

So what are you waiting for? I’m here to talk when you are ready!