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Allie was fantastic

I had my consultation with Dr. Ali this morning – which was fantastic! Thank you!

Beth Kemper changed my life.

I had been in constant pain in the pelvic area. I swore it had to be bladder related and went through a thorough exam process with two urologists. The second urologist, at Emory, showed me how tight my pelvic floor was and highly recommended Beth. I’ll admit, I was skeptical. I couldn’t see how all of these muscles could cause so much pain. After sessions with Beth, who listened intently and took great care to help figure out the source, I can honestly say I am now blessedly pain free. I cannot thank her enough.

Julia King

Beth has been my rock

…through the finale of what has been a very long journey of digestive and colorectal problems. She has been readily available whenever I send an email, no matter how trivial or desperate. She has been fantastic about talking me down from freak outs, and really listened to my concerns. She would address questions I asked, and did not need to be reminded the details of my diagnosis or details of my struggle. She is approachable and I feel she genuinely cares.

Excellent customer service and skillful therapy that takes into account my unique goals.

PT Client

Beth was knowledgable, friendly, and a great listener!

PT Client

Beth was incredible…

Smart, efficient, easy to talk to & she made an emotionally fraught situation so much more comfortable.

PT Client

Resolved back, hip and pelvic pain

Beth Kemper is a godsend and the entire staff is outstanding and knowledgeable!! I was recommended to see her for chronic foot, leg and hip pains related to physical activity, working out, running – even walking down steps in my bare feet. Beth was able to fix the core of these problems I’ve had for decades – I never knew there was a way to correct what seemed to be “getting up there in age” issues with pain and physical activity.

On the first visit she did a complete workup starting with an initial observation and interview followed by a cause-driven evaluation. It didn’t take long for her to use the RedCord System to begin correcting issues by allowing some muscle groups so remember what they were supposed to do and take strain off of other muscle groups.

Coupled with awareness of correct posture and changing how I think about physical activity, this was a start-to-finish program over three months and 3 sessions that resulted in stopping constant leg pain, stopping use of shoe inserts for relieving back pain, increased foot stability (single and double), and overall better quality of life.

If you’re suffering from pain in your legs, hips or core, you should go see ActivCore and have them do an initial workup. Even if you’ve tried almost everything else, you’ll be surprised what they can help you discover and correct!

I will be forever thankful for listening to the recommendation to see this group! It really changed my life!

Former Client

Beth…stands out as a leader…

…in treating pelvic floor muscle dysfunction…I trust her diagnostic skills and her therapy recommendations.

Obstetrical/Gynecologic Physician (specializing in vulvodynia)

Whole body approach to bladder issues….

When I started physical therapy with Beth Kemper I really didn’t know what to expect. I certainly didn’t expect to get measurable results after two visits! A previous bladder surgery left me with a start-stop urine flow. It was frustrating, but I was not motivated to do anything about it. I always thought, “Things could be worse.” My urologist…encouraged me to consider physical therapy with Beth Kemper. She said that strengthening the pelvic floor could also help prevent future problems such as leaking. I am so glad that I followed her recommendation! I had tried doing some pelvic floor exercise on my own in the past, but it seemed to make my problem worse. Beth not only taught me the proper way to do the exercises, but she taught me how to use my breath to allow the bladder to empty more completely. It has made such a difference in my ability to empty more quickly and thoroughly. On my first visit, Beth reviewed my entire health history, asking lots of questions about how my body functioned. She gave me a pelvic exam, testing different muscles and making sure that I didn’t have any other underlying problems.  I can’t imagine anyone being uncomfortable during this examination. Beth is the perfect combination of warm and professional. During our sessions, she used Redcord therapy, to isolate and strengthen certain muscles. Anyone not familiar with Redcord should go online and watch a video of the method. It is really hard to describe! The biggest surprise I received on my first visit with Beth was her holistic, total body approach. In this day of specialties and specialists, I didn’t expect her to consider the way my entire body worked. In addition to helping me with my bladder issues, she also worked to strengthen my spine and stabilize my balance. She reminded me several times that the body works as a unit, everything is connected. Beth works out of a physical therapy and performance location called ACTIVCORE, formerly known as Studio Lotus. The location backs up to a natural, wooded area and the huge glass windows seem to bring the outdoors into the facility, creating a very peaceful, positive atmosphere. All in all, I can’t say enough good things about the facility and Beth Kemper. I would recommend her to anyone who wants improve pelvic function and health.

Former client

I cannot thank you enough…

…for all the work you’ve done with me. I am thrilled with how much I can functionally do; I never imagined this kind of improvement and I feel that you truly gave me the tools and treatment that made all the difference. Thank you so much.

Former Patient

Beth has been my rock.

She would address questions I asked, and did not need to be reminded the details of my diagnosis or details of my struggle. She is approachable and I feel she genuinely cares.

Former Client