Be active and comfortable despite prolapse!

It can be barely noticeable or it can feel like your insides are falling out. It may be a nuisance or it may be pulling enough to cause pain. Prolapse is highly variable not only from person to person, but also daily or even hourly. 

So what exactly is prolapse? Simply put, it’s a scaffolding issue – there is some change in the support structures around the pelvic organs (bladder, rectum, vagina, uterus, intestines). There can be one or several variations within the same person. One very important point though – the technical grade of the prolapse frequently does not correlate with the severity of symptoms. 

In other words, how prolapse affects each person is very different and the treatment should therefore be very individualized. 

What does PT have to do with that? To be clear, physical therapy does not fix prolapse. However, physical therapy can do a lot to change your experience of prolapse. We are able to modify and instruct in:

  • Pressure regulation that pushes down onto the organs
  • Mobility and strength training to support of the organs 
  • Body mechanics training to prevent further progression
  • Pessary integration when appropriate 
  • Self care strategies to improve tissue integrity for reduced prolapse sensation.

Through these and other strategies PT can reduce or eliminate your prolapse symptoms! 

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