The center of your treatment – putting you back in control and returning hope and function.

The pelvis is the center of everything – the connecting point of the upper and lower body.

Pelvic physical therapy is not only about the pelvis. A foot injury can throw off hip and low back coordination. Neck pain can equal tension much farther south. At Kemper Pelvic Physio, we explore your pelvic-related health issues from head-to-toe, identifying the most effective local interventions. Your pain is real – but your treatment shouldn’t be painful (or boring). And with our high-level, integrated therapies like Redcord, you can learn to connect the dots again from head-to-toe – for a return to safe and pain-free movement. Who knows? It might even be fun!

Kemper Pelvic Physio treats all pelvises of all genders – but we also recognize that one treatment isn’t for everyone. Using all types of physical therapy – orthopedic, neurologic, visceral and musculoskeletal – we create an individualized plan and collaborate with the rest of your care team to help you find a clear path forward. Contact us today to see how we can help!