Bladder Issues.

Gain control over bladder issues.

What is considered a bladder issue?

  • Urgency – feeling like you need to go a lot of the time, even if you’ve just gone
  • Frequency – voiding more often than you are used to
  • Hesitancy – trying to go, but hard to get stream going
  • Leakage – urine voided when it’s not supposed to
  • Dysuria – pain with urination
  • Nocturia – waking through the night to void
  • Frequent UTI’s – bladder infections
  • Retention – unable to void or void completely 

Who knew there were so many ways the bladder could cause problems? For many of us, we move through life voiding when needed and not really thinking about it otherwise. Until one (or more) of these issues shows up. 

When your physician has ruled out infection or other medically-related cause, what’s left to do? 

This is where physical therapy comes in! The pelvic floor and lower abdomen are critical in bladder function. When they are not functioning optimally, any of these symptoms may be present. 

PT treatments for bowel issues include:

  • A lot of education about self-care strategies
  • Manual techniques to reduce restrictions
  • Bladder and urgency control training strategies
  • Personalized training in how to improve pelvic muscle function.

Let’s get you back to not having to think about your bladder all the time.

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