Pelvic PT Pregancy

Enjoy your pregnancy, delivery and new motherhood!

Pregnancy can be amazing but can also be hard to navigate if it includes pain, leakage or uncertainty of the birthing process. At KPP we are prepared to help guide you on every step of your journey to make it as smooth of a transition as possible. From the start you will receive a full body assessment to identify areas of weakness, muscle tension, or incoordination that may contribute to any current or future symptoms.  We’ll then use that information to customize an individualized program to help you reach your goals, have a safe and healthy delivery and not just adjust, but thrive in the postpartum phase.

In addition to making sure you can move and function well, we will also provide education on:

  • Labor & delivery positions
  • Pain management
  • Perineal massage
  • Pushing and your pelvic floor
  • C-section recovery.

Our bodies are different after delivering – whether that’s by vaginal or C-section approach. The 4th Trimester is REAL and deserves the appropriate attention and care. By the way, once postpartum, always postpartum…. You are never “too far” after delivery to address those issues!

pregnant mom with child on couch happy

Visits are scheduled as individual sessions or included as part of the Prenatal / Pregnancy Package. The Package includes::

  • Personalized Assessment
  • Labor and delivery prep: pain reduction, delivery positions, 
  • Perineal safety/Scar Recovery: how to reduce risk of tears, the pelvic floor and pushing, c-section management 
  • 4th Trimester: increase your recovery resilience – some examples include learning how to stay active and reconnect with your core, heal the pelvis and recover pelvic function and learn how to feed your baby without neck pain.

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