Physical Therapy Internet Resources

The list of websites below is not meant to be exhaustive, but they are each reliable sources of information and support.

General Men’s / Women’s Health:

  • – American Physical Therapy Associations Section for Women’s Health website. Resource for women’s health issues and also provides a link to finding a specialist in your area. Be sure to enter only the state (not the zip code) – otherwise it gives a very limited selection.
  • –Website for information on men’s and women’s health.
  • – Website regarding medical and physical therapy treatments of gynecologic issues.

Pelvic and Abdominal Pain:


  • – National Association for Continence – information regarding products, treatments, professional listings.
  • – website spin-off from IFFGD for urinary dysfunction.

Bowel Dysfunction:

  • – International Foundation of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders website for information regarding bowel, colo-rectal, abdominal dysfunction.

Sexual Health:

  • – Website for sexual health – books, supplies, information.
  • – Great website, blog, information source for all things sexual health. AASECT certified sex therapist – leader in national and international education regarding sexual health.